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Thank you for checking us out! At Sushitto, we pride ourselves in serving you the best poke bowls and burritos not only in North Las Vegas but in the entire valley! How can we declare this so confidently? We break it down.

Unrivaled Quality

We use only the freshest ingredients when we serve our poke. We take quality very seriously as poke contains raw fish after all. We ensure that all of our veggies, meat and fish are in excellent quality before we serve them to you.

Countless Choices

At Sushitto, you are free to customize your bowl or burrito however you wish—vegetarian, pescetarian, full-on carnivore—make your meal your way.
Choose from our preset selections or create yours from scratch.

Exceptional Service

Last but not least, we strive to provide you the best service in town. Every bowl or burrito should be served with a smile so you can enjoy your meal all the more deliciously. Great service doesn’t define a good meal, but it can certainly ruin it. We want you as a regular at Sushitto!